Backflow Preventers

It is a serious matter when your water supply is contaminated as a result of a backflow. This is one reason that has led to enforcement of the uniform plumbing code by many cities and municipalities. It is a necessary that all residential and commercial properties have a backflow preventer installed to stop possible contamination.

What is a backflow?
This is a situation whereby used water or waste water from any industrial, residential or institutional plumbing system flows into a clean water supply system set aside from the normal or likely flow of the water system. The waste or used water flows back instead of flowing out and contaminates water used for drinking and washing.

The reversed flow is a result of a major change in the water pressure; the water pressure at the source is lower than the water pressure at the point where you switch on the faucet. When this takes place, the water at the faucet point gets pulled back into the normal water supply system and contamination happens. Failure to attend to this problem immediately leads to contamination of the public water system.

Prevention at the cross connection
The cross connection is the point where clean water is likely to come into contact with contaminated water. A backflow prevention assembly is installed at the cross connection to prevent the waste or used water from flowing back into the water supply system. Installation of a suitable backflow prevention device is effective because it matches the specific hydraulic conditions of the intended area and prevents any measure of contamination that area has.

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